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About Us
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OnStaff USA is the leading professional, technical and temporary recruiting firm in Southwest Michigan, employing over 700 essential support services personnel from five offices located throughout the region.
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3 Reasons "Why OnStaff USA?"
  • OnStaff USA is the largest recruiting firm in Southwest Michigan with six offices in Battle Creek, Otsego, Decatur, Dowagiac, St. Joseph and the corporate office in Portage. This allows us to find the talent and have the resources to deliver the best in candidates and services.
  • OnStaff USA has the strongest recruiting team with an average of eight years experience amongst our recruiters. They will know the candidates and your needs.
  • OnStaff USA has unique testing available through our sister company, SkillQuest, giving us access to a library with over 500 assessments to thoroughly screen our applicants.
Vision and growth bring with them new challenges for OnStaff USA: staying focused on what brought us to the forefront of leadership in our industry and remembering that people make the difference. Remembering every day to pay attention to the details that make a business successful—that is the kind of service we demand of each person who represents OnStaff USA and the customers we serve.

OnStaff USA Mission
Our mission is to dominate and lead the professional, technical, and temporary sectors of the staffing industry by focusing on regional opportunities to provide quality personnel for all of our customers.

We will strive to understand our customers' needs and provide them with the highest quality service.

We will strive to offer all of our employees quality, rewarding work opportunities and experiences that foster dignity, self-respect and teamwork.

Integrity, honesty, and fairness will characterize all of our business relationships.

HISTORY (Company Background):
Founded in 1985 in Kalamazoo, MI by Patrick Allkins, OnStaff USA is the leading professional, technical and temporary recruiting firm in Southwest Michigan, employing over 700 essential support services personnel from six offices located throughout the region.

Patrick Allkins - President & CEO
Patrick Allkins is the founder of Frizkin Enterprises, the holding company that owns OnStaff USA, OnCore USA, and SkillQuest. He is currently President and CEO. He founded Frizkin Enterprises in 1985, with a national franchise and eventually struck out on his own in 2001. OnStaff USA has grown from one office in Kalamazoo, to six offices in S.W. Michigan. OnStaff USA is the largest recruiting firm in S.W. Michigan.

Mr. Allkins served one tour in Vietnam with the United States Navy. Upon returning, he finished his schooling and graduated from Western Michigan University with a degree in Psychology. He remains an active and driving force in the organization and uses his 25 years of staffing experience to drive staff education, visibility and accountability. Mr. Allkins is active in many local professional and service organizations, including Kalamazoo Rotary, Chamber of Commerce and he serves as a United Way volunteer.

What happens when you give your people strong corporate support, training...and then the freedom to act like they own the business? Remarkable things.

Every OnStaff USA recruiter is empowered to make the decisions and take the actions that will make their clients happy. That kind of entrepreneurial culture and freedom to please has resulted in innovative staffing and workforce solutions that just might amaze you.

We're a big company, but we really excel one-on-one. As an OnStaff USA client, you'll benefit from a personal relationship with a team who knows the local market characteristics and dynamics, and invests the time to understand your specific challenges.

It's little wonder that since our founding in 1985, OnStaff USA has grown into the largest recruiting firm in S.W. Michigan.

Choose OnStaff USA
Our clients are important to us. Since 1985, we have made every effort to get to know you, your business, and to understand your staffing needs. During this time we have developed our Total Quality Staffing (T.Q.S.) program. This system binds our team of professionals together with a core program that delivers the highest level of customer service.

T.Q.S. features include:
  • 0% payroll errors
  • 1-800-GET-A-TEMP phone number
  • Customized testing with SkillQuest
  • Requiring a written job description
  • A high level of customer service. We are available to our clients and employees 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Performing extensive background checks and administration of security clearance programs, as requested by customers
  • Numerous other features - please contact your nearest OnStaff USA office for further information.
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