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Should you consider a skilled trade instead of a traditional college?

Decades of advice aimed at teenagers extolling the virtues of “staying in school” has had an unexpected effect. Too many people erroneously believed that advanced degrees were the best (and only) way to get a high paying, secure, and rewarding career. While university degrees certainly have their place, this trend has led to certain job markets becoming oversubscribed, and it is instead the realm of skilled trades that is sometimes the most sensible, though less

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3 Things That Should Not Be On Your Resume

Resumes are living documents. Our resumes allow us the opportunity to tell our professional story; who we are and the various experiences that make us uniquely qualified for a particular job; they are our preliminary introduction to potential employers. Therefore, cultivating your resume is arguably the most vital part of the interview process. That is to say, on one page, we must accurately convey our expertise, trainability, and relevant experience. There are, of course, many

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Writing Job Descriptions that Lead to Better Hires

A job description is usually one of the first things a prospective candidate reads when learning about an open position. A well-written description weeds out unqualified candidates and attracts desirable talent. Here are six tips to help you write a great job description. 1. Describe your company’s culture. When someone applies for a job, they’re looking for a way to make a living, but they’re also looking for somewhere they can spend eight hours a

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5 Mistakes People Make at Job Fairs

Attending a job fair is an extremely efficient way to job search. You have access to dozens of potential employers and can get some face to face time with HR managers. It’s also a great place to learn more about what employers are looking for in a particular field and be exposed to new job options and opportunities. When worked effectively, a job fair can yield tons of leads and potentially quick employment. While attending

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Performance Goals: Set Yourself Up for Success

Metrics and performance reviews have become standard tools used in the workplace over the past twenty years. Measuring productivity has grown more complex as jobs have shifted to be more service oriented. Performance reviews help employers understand the allocation of resources, deliverables, and achievements. They are also designed to allocate rewards, bonuses more objectively, and raises to employees. While performance reviews can significantly benefit organizations, if used appropriately, they can benefit individual employees as well.

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Leave Your Mark at a Job Fair Today

Attending a job fair, where different companies aim to hire prospective employees, is part of the quest for a new job these days. These can be overwhelming for the first-timer, but if you are wise enough to follow some good advice, you will survive the rush at a job fair. We offer some tips for those who are visiting job fairs. 1. Come prepared. Bring several copies of your resume or CV, your calling cards,

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Tips on Creating Emails that Get Responses

If you are looking for work, you should be wary of how you craft letters or emails to employers.  The words you put in your cover letter, resume or CV are crucial as they can nudge employers to take notice of you. Similarly, if you are in a business environment, how you say things in emails or communications matter. An impression is important especially in business, and communication plays a gigantic role in creating a

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Who Should you Use as a Reference?

Who should you use as a reference? When it comes to finding a job, thinking of who you can use as a reference can be quite difficult. After spending so much time working on your resume and practicing for prospective interviews, the last thing you want is to be let down by the people who are providing references for you. We’ve put together a guide to help you choose the best referees for your resume.

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35 costly job search mistakes you might still be making

If you are looking for great article that will help you land that new job. This article will help point out some mistakes that you might be make while on the hunt for a new career. while job searching  

DO YOU BELIEVE IT: Outrageous Resume Lies

Résumés are a critical part of any job search. They are the most effective marketing tool any of us have about who we are and what we can do. And all of us want our résumé to be the best possible representation of our work. But some workers turn their résumés into a work of fiction instead of a representation of fact.  A survey of hiring managers looked at the tall tales and bold

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