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Organize Your Day To Supercharge Your Productivity

Feeling like there are too few hours in the day? Too many distractions stopping you from meeting your goals? It’s time to better organize your day to make the most of the time you have. Start the day right If you’ve not gotten enough sleep, you’ve already sabotaged your chances of a productive day. Get between six and eight hours of sleep and try to wake up at the same time each day. Avoid looking

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Do your Kids Need a Digital Detox?

It is now not uncommon to see a group of young people all sitting around a table with their heads down staring at screens. Many children and young adults have developed an (unhealthy) attachment to their electronic devices that may border on addiction. As adults, we so often think about the effects of our attachments to our devices, but what about our kids? The amount of time that kids are spending on their cellphones and

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How to Stay Organized Through the Summer to Fall Transition

Organized people aren’t born that way. They have used tips and tricks to build upon the common sense they possess to cultivate healthy habits that help them stay organized. Even seemingly disorganized people can learn to be highly organized.

A Pet-Friendly Adventure to Take in The Upper Peninsula This Summer

  Summertime is in full swing and that means there are several ways to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. Michiganders can go to the beach, get ice cream, watch the sunset, golf, bike — you name it! Unfortunately, sometimes we have to leave our pets out of this fun, especially if we go on vacation. But, there are trips you can take that include both outdoor fun for you and pet-friendly adventure for

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How Gardening Can Help Reduce Stress

How Gardening Can Help Reduce Stress Gardening is a rewarding activity that doesn’t require a ton of money to get started. Just a handful of seeds and a trowel can help you while away countless hours in nature and simultaneously breathe new life into your surrounding landscape. Having a beautiful yard is far from the only benefit of gardening. Thanks to dozens of studies in recent years, the effects of gardening have become more understood

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No Gym Membership Required. Get in Shape by Following these Social Influencers.

Build Yourself a Personalized Fitness Plan with These Top Fitness Follows In the digital age, social media has undoubtedly changed the way that individuals communicate with each other and how we understand and think of health and fitness. With so many options, many people might not know where to start on their fitness journeys. There are many ways to utilize social media effectively to boost your fitness regime and augment your work with a personal

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Start Listening: 5 Podcasts to Get You Started

Start Listening: 5 Podcasts to Get You Started Because of an increase in downloaded media, podcasts have made a big emergence into our modern lives. While music and television shows are great means of entertainment and certainly wonderful outlets for entertainment and creativity, podcasts can serve not only as a form of entertainment but be educational and informative as well. It may seem easier or more appealing to just turn on your music or put

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5 Lunch Break Exercises

5 Outdoor Exercises to do On Your Lunch Break   As the weather warms up, it may be nice to consider spending (at least part of) your lunch break outside. Getting some sunshine and fresh air can help break up your day and refresh your mind. Not only is stepping outside a nice break from the normal routine of your workday, but it can also serve as an opportunity to add some much-needed movement to

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10 Budget-Conscious Staycation Ideas for West Michiganders

Contingent upon your school or work calendar, Spring Break is either coming up or already upon you and in Michigan that can mean either high temperate days or blizzards. If you are not traveling for Spring Break, it can be a perfect time to relax and regroup as a family — particularly in West Michigan, where there are so many great restaurants, museums, and parks. Because we understand it can be difficult to figure out

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How to Budget Better and Save Money

How to Budget Better & Save Money Budgeting is a great goal to have and one that many people set out to accomplish each year. A budget and an emergency savings fund can be beneficial for so many reasons including unforeseeable medical expenses, car repairs, or something fun like a much-needed vacation. A helpful step in establishing a budget for these types of expenses is: to assess and understand exactly how much money you have

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