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Giving Thanks – in business

It’s the Holidays, the time where you normally reach out and send messages of “Thanks” and ” Good Cheer” to people in your personal life. Have you taken a moment to think about doing it in your professional life? I’m NOT talking about a “Christmas Carol meets your Resume or LinkedIn Profile”. WEIRD. If that’s what you are thinking – you might want to slow up on the Egg Nog. However – there will be

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Your Relationship with Your Recruiter

I want to discuss what you share with your recruiter. It’s been a subject that’s been kicking around in my mind a bit after a college student made a bush league error during college recruiting season several weeks ago – that deeply cost him – and has really bothered be for what it said about candidates/recruiters and relationships. Here is what started the whole issue – Original article here is linked below and the commentary

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Don’t get picked last for Dodge ball

I’ve had this conversation with several candidates in the last few weeks when they have called up at the last minute – torqued up and anxious – for their final round interviews. Some candidates work themselves into a dither of anxiety and knots – their fear almost certainly going to undo their candidacy.  Others actually have gotten themselves so  overly self-confident – that if they go into the interview in that mental state – it’s

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You got invited to an in-person interview…

Now what…? Well – for starters – congratulations!   That’s a really big deal – and you should take a minute to celebrate it.  There are so many candidates for each role anymore – that making it to the on-site round is actually a HUGE thing.  It means you have a fighting chance to win this role.  You are IN THIS.   So – this job is yours to lose – OR – win.   A good share

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The Elusive Purple Squirrel

I’m going to take a brief break from the series of blog posts on helping you maximize your chances in the recruiting process – for a discussion on the Elusive Purple Squirrel.  Recruiting is not a profession that is kind and the vast majority of people who start in it – fall out.  Most people are unable to balance the sense of urgency that comes with a requisition load and remembering that people aren’t widgets.  

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Phone Screen versus Phone Interview? Are they different?

So much of a professional interviewing process is now done remotely – often – via telephone and there are slightly different variations on the “reasons for being” for a Phone Screen versus the Phone Interview. They have the same end goal – help the manager or recruiter make a go/no-go decision but how they get there and how you prepare are often (but not always) totally different. We have already talked about the Phone Screen

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I got a phone call about my resume – what’s next?

There are many reasons why you get a phone call about your resume – it could be a basic phone screen or it could be a phone interview of some various level of significance. Those serve similar functions but operate very differently. A phone screen is a quick call you receive – likely from the recruiter – asking if now is a good time to talk – and if you have a few minutes to

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I submitted my resume and never got an interview…

It happens. You saw the perfect job posted and you submitted your resume. You never even got the interview. What happened? Any number of things could have happened – but the most likely thing – is that in the flood of resumes that came in from the job posting – your resume didn’t look as perfect for the job posting as other resumes did to either the recruiter or the hiring manager. The next time

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