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Door Fabrication/Assembly

We have 90 day temp-hire roles in a very well respected union shop building easy swing doors.  Pay starts at $11.00/hr and pay raises after 90 days.  Awesome benefits upon hire in!

This company also offers the most affordable and most comprehensive insurance benefits out of any of the companies we represent. After 120 days after being hired your pay will bump to $12 + /hr.  This company offers great advancement and truly cares about its employees.  They are also working a good amount of overtime each week which can make for a very nice paycheck.

If you are interested in this opening please email your resume to cray@onstaffusa.com and apply online at onstaffusa.com


Assemble and pack doors utilizing the following skills:

o Drilling

o Hand routing to bevel and groove

o Install drive rivets using hammer or mallet

o Window installation using custom tool

o Saw with band saw and mitre saw

o Install screws using power driver


Skill Requirements

o Addition and subtraction of fractions

o Ability to reduce fractions

o Ability to read a tape measure

o Previous hand tool usage is a plus

o Ability to read basic blue prints

o Previous construction/woodworking experience is a plus