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Machine Shop Laborer! Great benefits once hired in

This position is a train on 1st shift and Move to 2nd shift

Assists in machine shop activities

Other duties may be assigned.

Loads and unloads materials, parts, or products onto or from pallets, skids, conveyors, or trucks

Delivers metal parts or stock to designated work areas for machining

Lifts metal part or stock onto machine and secures it on machine table, in chuck, or holding fixture to assist in setting up machine

Feeds metal parts or stock into automatic metalworking machines and removes machined part from machine after prescribed period of time or at end of machining cycle

Adds coolant to reservoirs of machines and lubricates machine parts and ways

Reclaims cutting and lubricating oils from machines by pumping oil from machine reservoir into barrel, dumping oil from barrel into centrifugal separator that removes metal chips and dirt from oil, and drains clean oil from separator into containers

Removes metal chips and shavings from surfaces of machines and wipes surfaces of machines to remove excess oil

Cleans around work areas

Separates metal shavings, chips, and scrap materials from trash and places them in bins for resale

Removes burrs or excess metal from machined parts

If you are interested please send resume to tracy@onstaffusa.com or apply online at onstaffusa.com