$100 for you $100 for them bonus goes till Oct 28th

For our Fall Fever program OnStaff USA is offering the best referral program ever. From August 8th thru October 28th you can refer someone to us and you will get $100. If your referral stays with OnStaff USA then they will get $100. You really cannot beat that kind of deal. Everyone knows someone who could use either a career or a change in career. We are here to help.

Of course with any chance to get a bonus there are rules. These rules are very simple.

  1. Referral must be made between August 8th thru October 28th  .
  2. You must use promo code Fall Fever in the referral request form.
  3. $100 will be paid out to the referrer once the referee meets the 160 consecutive hour requirement.
  4. $100 will be paid out to the referral when they work for a consecutive 160 hours for OnStaff USA.
  5. You can refer as many people as you want.
  6. All applicable taxes will apply once paid out.

Click the red button to go directly to the referral request form. Don’t forget to add the promo code! Start sending those referrals. This bonus only lasts till May 15th. Make sure to select Fall Fever under the promotions drop box. If the promo code is not used you will not get the bonus pay out.

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