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During this event we will be hiring for the following locations:Stryker Medical, Portage $13.50-$18.50/hrMann-Hummel, Portage $14-$14.30/hrCharles Rivers Labs, Mattawan, $15.50/hrDimplex Thermal Solutions Kalamazoo $14.50-$16.50Faith Plastics Marcellus $13/hrSchupan Aluminium KalamazooWestern Diversified Plastics Hiring Event Location: Lawton Community Center 646 N Nursery St, Lawton, MI 49065 Date: Friday, December 19, 2020 Time: 1:00 – 3:00 PM Job offers will be made during this event

OnStaff USA Names Emily Turner as President

     In 1985, my wife Jan and I opened our first staffing office, located at 4211 W. Main. With one small child, baby #2 on his way, minimal staff and a client or two – we launched what we knew would be a great organization in Kalamazoo County. We wanted a different approach to staffing – more HR solutions-driven feel with first-class service to our clients.     We launched Total Quality Staffing, TQS, shortly after

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A Fun Fall Itinerary for West Michiganders

With the heat of summer abating and the trees of Michigan turning to gold, crimson, and yellow, it’s the perfect time to get out into West Michigan with the family for a short road trip or a bit of weekend fun.  Here are some of our own favorite places to visit this fall in Michigan for spending a whole day at, bonding with your nearest and dearest, breathing in the crisp, healthy air of the

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How to (and Why to) Make Room for Generation Z in the Workplace

What Makes Someone Part of Generation Z? The definition of ‘Generation Z’ is as controversial as that of ‘Millennial,’ with no consensus on what defines each of these groups and what it means to be included in such. In broad terms, Generation Z includes people who were born between the mid-1990s and early-2000s. We won’t know for decades where history will ultimately draw the dividing line between being a Millennial, Gen Z, and the succeeding

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Closing the Technology Skills Gap in Manufacturing: What It Means For You

Manufacturing is the backbone of any country’s economy. Most other industries pale in comparison to the number of jobs created, money injected into the economy, and value to the population. Nevertheless, the manufacturing industry is currently struggling to find enough highly trained individuals to fill all roles. In the US, the manufacturing industry is looking at a workforce skills gap crisis. Around 5 million new job openings in manufacturing are expected over the next decade,

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Do your Kids Need a Digital Detox?

It is now not uncommon to see a group of young people all sitting around a table with their heads down staring at screens. Many children and young adults have developed an (unhealthy) attachment to their electronic devices that may border on addiction. As adults, we so often think about the effects of our attachments to our devices, but what about our kids? The amount of time that kids are spending on their cellphones and

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Having Empathy in the Workforce

Ever heard the phrase “put yourself in their shoes”? There are many terms that can be used to describe what empathy is but put simply it is the ability to understand and relate to the feelings of another person through that person’s frame of reference.   According to the 2018 State of Workplace Empathy study, 96% of employees recognize empathy as a vital part of their workplace and something that their employers should express —

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How to Stay Organized Through the Summer to Fall Transition

Organized people aren’t born that way. They have used tips and tricks to build upon the common sense they possess to cultivate healthy habits that help them stay organized. Even seemingly disorganized people can learn to be highly organized.

Thinking outside the Lunchbox: Recipe Ideas for Back to School and Work

When it comes to lunchtime, having the same old thing each and every day can be a drag. No one wants to open his or her lunch and expel a sigh of disappointment. It is easier to stay on track with eating healthy and frugally when there is a variety of foods making their way into your lunch routine.  Lunch is no longer the boring hour to just slog through. Make it a thrilling break

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How to Manage & Motivate A Multigenerational Workforce

According to Andrew Naber, an industrial and organizational psychologist, the average person spends roughly 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime — about a third of their life. This is a significant portion of time in which the individual has to be continually managed and motivated by managers using approaches such as workplace training schemes, salary increments, and appraisals.  Generation Gap at the Workplace The workplace environment today is characterized by a multigenerational workforce. This

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