Job Seekers

You are important to us at OnStaff USA. We appreciate your loyalty and the professional way you represent us.

Our hiring process.

Our exceptionally thorough hiring process assures that you will only be submitted to organizations that match your criteria and will value your skills. Although various components of the process differ slightly depending on the specific position and employer, our qualifying process is typically completed within 48 hours. 

1. Online Application Submission

2. Phone Screen Interview

3. Skill Assessment

4. Face-to-face interviews

5. Work history, I-9, tax, E-Verifications and background checks

6. Orientation

Employee Benefits

We are pleased and proud to be able to offer our employees the best benefits in our industry. These options include: Note: OnStaff USA reserves the right to change its requirement for the above benefits with or without notice at any time. 


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