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Our staffing solutions.

OnStaff USA provides qualified candidates for a virtually unlimited variety of job categories including Light Industrial, Administrative/Clerical, IT Help Desk, Skilled Labor (welding, fabrication, machinist) and Customer Service. All temporary employees provided by OnStaff USA are our employees. As such, we provide all necessary worker’s compensation, insurances and payroll requirements and employee benefits.

True Temp

For assignments of either specific or indefinite length with no expectation that the temporary employee will be offered permanent employment.


The employees remain on OnStaff’s payroll. Employers have the option to transition these employees to a full-time status upon completion.


Requires specific skill and commitment of time. The contract specifically states the length of the assignment, with an option to renew.

Direct Hire

Applicants are hired directly onto the employer’s payroll. Payment is an up-front fee that is based on the employee’s total compensation package.

Total Quality Staffing™

Total Quality Staffing™ is the philosophy that OnStaff USA lives by. It is a series of steps which we utilize to ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied with the employees and customer service we provide.

It includes but is not limited to:

OnStaff USA Guarantee

OnStaff USA guarantees staffing satisfaction. If within the first twelve hours of an assignment an employer determines for any reason that an employee is not working out the employer will not be charged for those hours. Additionally, we will start the replacement process as soon as we are notified, typically having another qualified employee ready to start the assignment by the next day.


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