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OnStaff USA provides qualified candidates for a virtually unlimited variety of job categories including Light Industrial, Administrative/Clerical, IT Help Desk, Skilled Labor (welding, fabrication, machinist) and Customer Service. All temporary employees provided by OnStaff USA are our employees. As such, we provide all necessary worker’s compensation, insurances and payroll requirements and employee benefits.

True Temp

Appropriate for assignments of either specific or indefinite length with no expectation that the temporary employee will be offered permanent employment.


The employees remain on OnStaff USA’s payroll at negotiated hourly rates. Employers have the option to transition these employees to a full-time status upon completion of a certain number of hours with or without a conversion fee based on certain job functions.


An assignment that requires specific skill and commitment of time. The contract specifically states the length of the assignment, with an option to renew.

Direct Hire

Our applicant is hired directly onto the employer’s payroll. Payment is an up-front fee that is based on the employee’s total compensation package and is paid before the employee starts the position.

Feature Placement


Nick Baker



Looking for a better opportunity, Nick chose OnStaff to make a career change. Nick started at TRMI as a production associate, quickly excelled and was hired in. Upon hire in, Nick was promoted to assistant Team Leader. Nick is now the Team Leader of the Quality department at TRMI. OnStaff opened the door, and Nick prospered!

Total Quality Staffing

Total Quality Staffing™ is the philosophy that OnStaff USA lives by. It is a series of steps which we utilize to ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied with the employees and customer service we provide.

It includes but is not limited to:

tqs-wake-up-calls tqs-eod-phone-calls
Wake-up calls to employees on their first day of assignment End of day calls to employees after their first day of assignment
tqs-sick-day-calls tqs-employee-retention
End of sick day calls to get employee’s status Ongoing employee retention program
tqs-payroll-errors tqs-30-minute-response
0% payroll errors 30-minute response to job orders guarantee


OnStaff USA guarantees staffing satisfaction. If within the first twelve hours of an assignment an employer determines for any reason that an employee is not working out the employer will not be charged for those hours. Additionally, we will start the replacement process as soon as we are notified, typically having another qualified employee ready to start the assignment by the next day.


  • They took the time to know my needs and expectations. They have spent a lot of time building a strong partnership with our company.

    S.D., Operations Manager, National Manufacturer

  • Our needs are unique and OnStaff USA has nailed that down.  

    A.H., Distribution Manager, Medical Manufacture

  • Professional, hard-working, committed – every employee that I have worked with has always been very professional. We have a huge demand for OnStaff USA to find a large quantity of employees for many different departments and we are always looking for the position to be filled ASAP. Then often work late hours or weekend to meet our objectives.  

    B.W., Plant Manager, Food Industry

  • If I wasn’t working with OnStaff USA, my job would be much harder. It’s the kind of service that makes working with OnStaff USA such a rewarding experience.  

    B.W., Human Resource Manager, Medical Manufacturer

  • Reliable, honest, resourceful. These words fit OnStaff USA.  

    C.C., Plant Manager, National Manufacturer

  • Bringing in the right candidate is the key to lower turnover, higher productivity and higher customer satisfaction. We place the highest priority on bringing in the best, and that all starts with OnStaff USA’s applicant screening process.  

    J.A., Manager, Industrial Supplier

  • S.D., Operations Manager, National Manufacturer

  • A.H., Distribution Manager, Medical Manufacture

  • B.W., Plant Manager, Food Industry

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