Five habits of successful employees

5 Habits of highly successful people

Five Habits of Successful Employees

People arrive at success via many diverse paths. Depending on individual situations, success can be defined in many ways. The stories and journeys may look different, but there are some characteristics that successful employees have in common.

They have goals. Successful people always have their eye on the prize and have articulated what the prize is. And their goals aren’t ambiguous. Achievers have thought about both short-term and long-term goals. Articulating specific expectations helps to focus energy and make complicated ideas seem possible. Identifying and focusing on your goals doesn’t mean that you can’t change course. Having specific goals allows you to reflect on what’s working, what’s not and make adjustments accordingly.

They take feedback well. The wisest people understand that there is always much to learn. Successful employees understand that genuine feedback helps them improve and think more creatively. Feedback can be difficult to hear, especially if a great deal of effort has been invested into a project.  If the people who are providing the feedback have your best interest in mind, it should be considered one of the highest forms of respect. High achievers not only listen to feedback, but they also solicit it from trusted others.

They aren’t afraid of failure. High reward often requires high risk. The most creative and challenging ideas often rise to the top. Truly innovative ideas often breed doubt, worry and sometimes failure before achieving the final big win. Bold ideas often come with some failures along the way. Successful employees are willing to risk failure for the opportunity of success.

They are team players. In our current market, no man (or woman) is an island. Most jobs require teams to work together toward achieving a goal. Successful employees contribute 110% and support their colleagues in achieve success as well. High achievers understand if the team wins, they win too. Having a positive relationship with colleagues facilitates productive group processes and quality work product. Successful employees intentionally contribute to the success of the team or organization.

They work hard and play hard. Having a healthy social life and hobbies outside of work makes people more productive. Successful employees often arrive at the office energized and refreshed because they can leave work behind when to go home and engage in restorative activities. Because of decreased stress and anxiety, they are dedicating their full attention to work when they’re on the clock.

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