7 Podcast Successful People are Listening to

7 Podcasts Successful People are Listening to

In an age where we can barely catch our breath, making time for acquiring new knowledge can be challenging. However, to stay sharp, it’s essential to continue to think creatively and outside of the box. Podcasts can be a great way to stimulate your brain while on the go. The information provided in podcasts can give rise to new ideas or ways of thinking. Here are seven podcasts that successful people should check out:

HBR IdeaCast: This Harvard Business Review podcast provides thought-provoking conversations with academics and leaders in the world of business. More recent episodes tackled topics related to hiring the best people with the Patty McCord, a former Chief Talent Officer with Netflix, and understanding how to use new software and tools like Slack with Tsedal Neely, a Harvard Business School Professor.


How I Built This with Guy Raz: To get inspiration from the professional journies of some of the most successful entrepreneurs, listen to this NPR podcast. With guests like Michael Dell of Dell computers and fashion moguls Kate and Andy Spade, professionals from all industries can learn something valuable from the stories these innovators share.


Tony Robbins Podcast: This is a name you probably recognize. Tony Robbins has been around for decades, motivating people to live their most successful life. Not only does he have extremely accomplished guests like Lyft co-founder Joh Zimmer, but the delivery of his content also has his signature uplifting tone. This is a great podcast to listen to during your commute to work, so you can walk through your office door feeling empowered and ready to take on the day.

Brown Ambition: Diversity of perspective is vital for well-rounded leaders, and Brown Ambition provides important perspectives from two successful women of color. The show’s co-hosts, Mandi Woodruff and Tiffany Aliche, are finance gurus who have made an impact educating others. Their fresh perspective will provide you with the best kind of knowledge, the stuff you didn’t know you needed to know.


Marketplace: NPR’s daily news show about the economy is more than what meets the ear. In addition to going over the latest on Wall Street, they connect with thought leaders to talk about business politics, trends, and leadership in the context of our lived experience.


Ducktape Marketing: Designed to expand your marketing skills on the go, Ducktape Marketing provides about tips and techniques from experts in the field. The content is shared in an accessible way that can be easily applied by novices or marketing and sales veterans.    


Girl Boss Radio: For discussion on shattering the glass ceiling, Girl Boss Radio is a must-listen-to podcast. Host Sophia Amoruso, a self-made girl boss in her own right, engages in honest and raw discussion with women who become successful on their own terms. They tackle topics from across the spectrum; from finances to wellness, providing well rounded and applicable content.


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