Back to School Tips

Back to School

Getting the little ones prepared and back to school can be incredibly stressful. We have compiled 5 brilliantly easy tips to follow to relieve the stress and put the fun back into what would otherwise be a chore!

1)      Have a clear out. Use this time to get rid of as much old stuff as possible. All those clothes that don’t fit, the toys that are broken or sit unused. Throw it out or donate it to charity. Having a good de-clutter gives you plenty of space for any new school items and keeps the house tidy so you will find things far easier!

2)      Take the kids shopping. Children can be incredibly fussy, that is why we recommend you take them with you when you go to get all their school needs. They will be far more engaged in the “getting back to school” process if they are involved in making the decisions.

3)      Keep to your budget. This is easier said than done, especially when uniforms are involved. That being said, supplies and other school accessories can easily be purchased within a defined budget. You can even make a game of it and teach the children the value of money. Give them each $10. Give them the list of the things they need for their pencil case. Let them choose what they want but make sure it is all within budget and everything on the list is bought.

4)      The dreaded morning routine. Well, it doesn’t need to be, a well-rehearsed morning routine can really make the difference between morning heaven and morning hell. A week or so before the kids are due to return to school start waking them up earlier and doing a miniature morning drill. This will mean it is fully ingrained by the time the real school mornings start.

5)      Pack bags and lunches the night before. Be prepared, make sure all books and equipment are packed the night before so it is just a matter of grabbing the bag in the morning. The same goes for any pack lunches. Prepare them and box them and keep refrigerated overnight. Ready to be grabbed in the morning. Running around, rushing to do everything at once will likely be stressful and chaotic.

We hope our tips helped! If you have any handy tips let us know so the next time we compile a list your top tip can be included.

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