Better Mornings, Start Here

Better Mornings, Start Here

Sleep, that blessed part of the day when you close your eyes, curl up in a bed that feels like a piece of cloud and float into a dream. To those that dream sleep feels like an eternity but something screeches at 5 o’clock hammering your ears like a jackknife and you are transformed. Ragged, bewildered and in denial you sluggishly get out of bed, part the curtains and watch the sun ascend, sleep behind your eyes. Waking up is never easy with the million things you have to face in the morning. But mornings can be fun if we rearrange our habits to make this the most looked forward to part of the day.


Do it the Night Before

Need to dress up for the office, but finding yourself trapped in a labyrinthine closet in the morning? Plan the clothes you have to wear and get them ready on a separate rack. A few minutes invested on this can save you a ton of headache in the morning. This includes anything you have to prepare for the morning. Office papers, reports, files and folders. Arrange and prepare for it the night before.

Wake up to a Sizzlingly Good Breakfast

What better way to meet the new day, but to power up with a delicious breakfast? Reward yourself in the morning. When the body is at rest and without food the body conserves energy and burns fewer calories. This results in a slower metabolism. Jump starting your day with a good breakfast to ignite your metabolism to burn more calories. According to experts a good breakfast consists of proteins and healthy fats. You can have a breakfast consisting of low fat yogurt, eggs, cheese or even meat. Eating healthy fat in the morning also has beneficial effects. It speeds up the fat burning process and removes cholesterol from arteries, giving you a healthier heart. Good-for-you fats you can eat include fish like salmon, peanut butter, olive oil and avocados

A Succulent Bath

Having a bath in the morning energizes you for the rest of the day. Imagine going to work clean and refreshed. Depending on your personality you can jazz up your bath with organic soaps of your favorite scent. Do you like it citrus? Do you want to wake up to luscious lavender? Do you prefer the scent of warm musk? Investing in quality bath products makes your hygiene routine a luxurious event, a ritual to be looked forward to.


An early bird

Is traffic a juggernaut at 6-7 am? Evade that hour by winding your clock a few hours earlier. Waking up earlier than normal gives you time to relax and enjoy the morning. Knowing you only have an hour to get to work will harass you and cause an unpleasant experience throughout the day.


Have a restful adequate sleep.

As adults the common consensus is we need seven to nine hours of sleep. But it has to be restful quality sleep. Some people experience intermittent sleep and wake up every few hours or so in the middle of the night. Our sleep dictates how productive we will be the next day. Sleep is directly correlated with productivity and overall mental performance. So have that restful sleep and make your bedroom favorable to REM states and you will be powered up and ready for the next day.

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