Four Apps to Help you Accomplish your SMART Goals

4 Apps to help you accomplish your goals

The new year is just a couple of weeks away, the perfect time to get ready to make a plan for resolutions and goals. In January, many of us are inspired by the new beginning that the new year brings, but as the months continue, it’s easy to get bogged down by new challenges and lose focus. We all need a little help to keep our eye on the ball, and with the invention of smartphones, we now have an accountability buddy in our pocket. Below are four apps that can help you stay on track with your goals through the entire year.

Google Calendar Goals. The Google Calendar app now has a feature that allows your set reminders on your calendars to complete tasks related to your goal. Using the “goals” function, you provide some information to set up your goal, and it will set reminders on your calendar to help keep you on task. It has some flexible features, such as being able to defer your goal if you need to put it on pause. It also provides pre-determined categories to sort your goals such as “Family” or “Exercise.” It’s great if you’re looking for a free option to help fit your action plan into your busy schedule.

Momentum. If you need an accountability buddy to prevent procrastination and keep you moving throughout the day, Momentum helps you to begin your day with intention, offering a morning meditation and reminding you to set your daily goals before you make it out of the house. The app also keeps track of your to-do list and keeps track of your habits, encouraging you to adopt habits that move you closer to your goal. There’s a free version that allows you to integrate 3 “habits,” but you can upgrade to the unlimited version for $14.99/year. If your someone who responds well to a guide or mentor giving you the push you need, is a great app to try. It’s designed for goals that are focused on career advancement or taking the first steps into entrepreneurship. It has a habit tracker that, like other apps, help you to make the tasks you need to complete a more intuitive part of your life. The major difference between and other similar apps is the ability to connect with real-life coaches to help you plan and implement strategies for achieving your goals. For as low as $15/week you can talk with a life coach and for a higher monthly fee, you can have access to leadership coaching.

Streaks. This app is for those of us who thrive on competition. Streak makes a game of habit changes by challenging the user to make a “Streak” of at least twelve days to earn badges. It helps you break down your goals into smaller steps allowing for the celebration of small milestones along the way. It also has the option for “negative tasks” that allow you to break bad habits. It makes the process of behavior change fun!

Whatever your goals are for 2018, we wish you the best of luck!  We know you can do it.

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