How to Write a Thank you Note

Thank you Note

How to write a thank you note

It may seem like an odd thing to do, but writing a thank you note at the end of an interview is one way that you can really stand out from the other applicants for a job. But how do you write a thank you note to a potential employer?

What a thank you note says

No matter what you are writing in your thank you note, it is a common courtesy that shows that you have appreciated the time the potential employer took to interview you and that you think the time they spent with you was valuable. Nobody likes to think time is wasted and job interviews take up the time of people that often already have an awful lot on their plates.

What should I include?

A thank you note is not only a way of showing a potential employer that you value their time, but also an excellent way to recap your skills for them. There is a fine line to walk with a thank you note between appearing grateful and distancing yourself from the pack, and looking desperate.

Writing a simple thank you for their time, that you are interested in the job after meeting with them and putting a brief note that demonstrates you are already thinking about how you can use your skills to benefit the company can really set you apart in the best possible way.

A thank you note can make you stand out

When you write a thank you note, you are telling a potential employer more than thank you and emphasising in a subtle way about how you can benefit the company. You are showing them that you are willing to go that extra mile; that you are willing to put in that little bit more that everyone else won’t. This is a quality that every employer, no matter the industry, is always on the lookout for.

What is even more effective is sending an email thanking the potential employer for their time the next day and then sending a handwritten note that is a thank you and puts in the detail about how you have been thinking about how to use your skills to benefit the company.

Handwritten notes are exceptionally rare, but they show that you are willing to put in the extra effort. Just make sure that you take your time when handwriting anything, get someone to check it for mistakes before you send it and that it is on quality stationary. All of these things indicate that you have put effort and care into the note and it is a reflection of how much you value the opportunity you have been given and that you already have an investment in it.

Timing is everything

Make sure that you write a thank you email and send it within 24 hours of the interview. It is also advisable to write the handwritten thank you note and post it within that 24 hour window as well. This will mean that it arrives a few days after your interview and impresses upon the potential employer that you will not only go the extra mile, but are also thoughtful.

Avoid adding any questions that press a potential employer for a clarification on when you are likely to hear about the job. This appears desperate and will have a negative effect on most employers.

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