Paid Vacation

You may be eligible for one week of Vacation Pay. To qualify for Vacation Pay, you must:

  • Work 1500 hours for OnStaff USA within a calendar year.
  • Presently be on an assignment with OnStaff USA immediately before the vacation is to be paid out and immediately after the check is paid out.

Upon qualification, employees will receive Vacation Pay based on the average number of hours the employee has worked in the 13 weeks prior to the date the vacation pay is paid out (up to 40 hours).

  • Vacation hours reset once they are paid out and begin to accumulate again from that point on.
  • Any work gaps of 90 days or greater are considered the start of new employment and accumulation will begin at the start of the “new employment”.

Click the button below to complete the Vacation Pay Employee Benefit Request Form.

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