How to Set Boundaries in the Workplace in 3 Steps

The Importance of Setting Boundaries in the Workplace

Setting boundaries at the workplace is a great way to achieve a healthy work-life balance. It can also help you to take care of your mental health, which is important for everyone regardless of their profession.

  1. Set up Ground Rules/Expectations

To make sure you set yourself up for success, set up ground rules/expectations with your co-workers and boss.  For example, if you need to leave work every Wednesday at 4:00 to make it to your workout or kid’s dance class, let your boss know well in advance and add it to your work calendar.  Make sure to block that time so no one can add a meeting to your calendar. 

2) Use Technology to Help Enforce Your Boundaries

There are a lot of technology options to help enforce your boundaries. I used the Do Not Disturb feature on my iPhone, for example.  That way, I do not receive notifications or text messages from 8:00 pm – 7:00 am.  I also use the away feature on my Gmail when I am on a call or in a meeting.  It helps keep me focused on the task at hand. 

3) Live Within Your Boundaries

To live within your boundaries, and to help ensure people respect them, do not work during the boundaries you have established.  If you need to send or respond to an email during your “off” hours, use the schedule send tool so the email will send during your normal work hours.  When you are on vacation, leave your work phone at home or lock it up in the hotel safe.

Start building your own set of work-life boundaries today.

We all know how difficult it is to find balance in life. But, the more you work on it, the easier it gets. Work-life boundaries are important for everyone.

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