Can’t Decide on a Career? A Staffing Agency Can Help

A significant percentage of high school students don’t have a clear idea of the career path they want to choose as they approach graduation. This is completely understandable; it’s harder to imagine that you know exactly what you want to do for the rest of your life when you’re still a teenager!

Often, there is pressure to rush to college, but that becomes a terribly costly mistake if you choose a path you ultimately regret. You could find yourself in a career you hate or needing to start all over again, usually with hefty student loans to repay.

Dipping your Toes in

Instead, it makes sense to try out a job before you make such a big commitment. Staffing agencies can help, as they have access to a wide range of temporary jobs that aren’t advertised elsewhere. They can set you up with a temporary entry-level position at a company in your proposed field.

Get in on the Ground Floor

In many cases, a temporary position can become a permanent one. When you show talent, energy, and an ability to learn new skills, the company has a chance to recognize your skills and possibly keep you on full-time. In some cases, you can skip the expensive college courses and work your way up in a company.

Learn the Ropes

Even if the temporary position doesn’t turn into a permanent one, or you still want to go to college, the experience you gain from working in a real-world environment is invaluable. Your hands-on experience will offer opportunities to think about ways you can fit into that industry or even shape it in the future.

It’s Gold for your Resume

Employers like hiring young people as they’re energetic and interested in learning new things. But most young people lack any real-world experience. Their resume is a list of academic accomplishments that don’t perfectly translate to the working world.

You, on the other hand, will have demonstrable experience in the industry. You can show on your resume how and when you helped a company succeed. When interview time comes around, you’ll be able to discuss the job in terms the interviewer uses on a daily basis. This makes it easy for them to see you fitting in at their company, making you an easy hire.

What to Expect

Applying for a job straight out of high school is stressful, which is another reason a staffing agency can help. Instead of contacting employers directly, you get to coordinate with a friendly staffing agent that can help you prepare for your first position. 

Often, you’ll fill in a form about your background, skills, and interests. The coordinator will usually discuss your needs in a phone interview before asking to meet you in person. They’ll work with you to find positions that suit you. 

Once a great position has been found, you’ll typically go through an orientation that includes an overview of your new position and outlines how you’ll get started. You’ll get an idea of what a career in the industry could be like and whether it’s the right choice for you.

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