Top 5 Shoe Options for Women


The right shoes can complete an outfit, but they can also bring the pain, especially for women. Having a job where you have to stand on your feet all day makes this problem an even more pressing issue. Not to worry; we have some suggestions that can save your tootsies but keep you looking polished. Here are some shoe styles that can provide some relief for your feet.


Fashion Forward Flats

Flats, with sleek designs and fun embellishments, have been en vogue for several years now, which means they are lots of styles to choose from. Pointy-toed flats provide the sophisticated look of a pointy-toed pump without the height. An embellishment on the toe box offers some sparkle, which can be perfect for dressing up and outfit. When wearing flats, it’s important to tailor your pants to the appropriate length, to avoid looking sloppy.


Feminine Wedges

Wedges can provide the height of a pump with a little more stabilization, making for a more comfortable experience. Wedges are no longer just sandals for wearing in warm weather; there are both closed-toe and open-toe options, ranging from casual to dressy. Because wedges provide a little more surface area for your heel to rest on, they can be far more comfortable than stilettos or shoes.


Block Heel

Similar to wedges, a block heel provides more surface areas to allow for less direct impact on the heel, but they are more like a traditional pump. Block heels have come a long way from the block heels of yesteryear. There are a variety of styles and options that can complement any outfit or fit in with any office culture.

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels provide the look of a heel without the ankle-breaking height. Kitten heels are a great office option because they are dressy, fashion-forward and versatile. They can be worn with a pantsuit, skirt or dress and still look professional.

Riding Boots

Riding boots are not just for the ranch. They come in diverse colors and styles and look great with a tucked in dark skinny pant, or with a midi skirt. Right boots are flat, provide plenty of room in the toe box and are comfortable with nature. They are also extremely useful in colder climates where warmth is essential, but you don’t want to sacrifice style.

Moving away from the traditional pump for professional shoes can provide options for increased comfort and style. Wearing different styles of shoes can make the workday much more pleasurable and add some variety to your wardrobe. The days of sacrificing beauty for comfort are coming to an end…well, at least for footwear

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