How to Write A Cover Letter

Cover Letter

A great cover letter has many points embedded in them to impress the organization. For many hiring managers, the cover letter is one of the most important parts of the resume and if it fails to impress the application is rejected instantly. This means that the cover letter should be written after thorough research and should be tailored to the position in which a candidate is applying. Consider some of the tips below when writing a cover letter.

Don’t repeat the resume

The cover letter should contain information that a candidate is not able to fit in a single page of the resume. The beauty of the cover letter is that it lets the candidate use full sentences and therefore it should be kept that way. Cover letters are used as a way to expand upon the resume.

Highlight strengths not weaknesses

Some candidates use sentences like “Despite my limited experience”. This should be avoided, as it sounds apologetic. Rather, the candidate should focus on his/her strengths.

Highlight the correct elements 

Most candidates are not aware of their own skills in relation to the job they have applied for. It means that the right skills are not highlighted. The solution lies in online tools such as Wordle. This tool allows the users to ensure that the right experience is highlighted, so that it is easily noticed.

Using numbers

Numbers speak louder than words. Using a few numbers within the cover letter ensures that it is an eye catching piece of writing. Inclusion of statistics within the cover letter will make the hiring manager aware that the candidate knows the industry and is serious about the job.

Don’t be formal

Overly formal cover letters can make the candidate seem insincere or robotic. A friendly and approachable cover letter is recommended to convey the correct message and also to ensure that the awesome-to-work with person ideology is communicated.

Use company’s voice

The cover letter should depict that the company’s culture, environment, and working conditions are understood in full. To achieve this, visit the company’s website and spend 10 – 15 minutes researching before writing the cover letter.

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