Zoom Interview Tips

Our Tips for Zoom Interviews

With the proliferation of remote positions, more and more companies are choosing to perform interviews through video conferencing software like Zoom. If you’re job hunting, there are ways you can use this to your advantage. In this guide, we’ll outline our top seven tips for acing a Zoom interview.

1—Get comfortable with the tech

Now’s the time to learn everything about the Zoom software and how it works. Download the app on both your computer and on mobile. Try out some meetings with friends and ensure your microphone and webcam are working perfectly. You don’t want any last-minute stress or for the interviewer to be unable to make out what you’re saying.

2—Dress professionally

Dress as if you were going to an in-person interview. Not only will it show the interviewer you’re professional, but it also keeps you in the right mindset even when you’re sitting in your home office.

3—No distractions

Consider everything that your interviewer will see in the background of your video, as this will color their perception of you. Make it distraction-free, so they can concentrate on your words. A messy background can suggest a disorganized person, so keep things simple.

Consider sound, too. If you normally work in a room with loud traffic or air conditioning, you might want to move to another location for your all-important interview. Other people in your household should know about your interview in advance and be under strict orders not to disturb you. 

Remember that Zoom has a mute button, so you can silence your audio if the interviewer is speaking for long periods.

4—Be punctual (but not too early)

Employers often use the same Zoom meeting ID and password for all candidates. They may have candidates stacked up one after the other, and time can go over. 

If you join the Zoom meeting early, you may barge into someone else’s interview. This makes a bad first impression, even if you’re just trying to show how punctual you are.

We recommend only joining the meeting room around three minutes before the interview is meant to begin. Double-check the date and time, too—is the interviewer in the same time zone as you?

5—Prepare for the questions you’ll be asked

Like every interview, you can prepare for questions you think your potential employer will ask. With a Zoom interview, you can keep some great notes handy on your screen in case you need to refer to them, and the interviewer will have no idea.

With Zoom, you can share your desktop with others. It might be worth going the extra mile to prepare some documents from your portfolio ready to show the interviewer if the moment arises. This can demonstrate your mastery of the tech and your excellent preparation.

6—Speak clearly and slowly

Remote interviews often have video delays and connection hiccups, so get into the habit of speaking slowly and deliberately. Check for cues that the listener has heard you correctly and similarly respond with nods when appropriate to keep the conversation flowing smoothly.

7—Correct body language and eye contact

Sit up straight and look your interviewer in the eye during a Zoom interview. This means looking into the camera, not at your screen. Never forget you’re in an interview, even if you’re in a more relaxed space.

Many people make the mistake of treating a Zoom interview as a more informal affair. Act professionally at all times, and you’ll be ahead of the curve. 

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