How to Create a Positive Work Culture

In the last ten to twenty years, a focus on the importance of organizational culture has increased. Potential employees are now indicating that a company’s culture is a component of their decision-making process when deciding to apply to or accept a position. Not only is it essential for attracting quality talent, but it is also necessary for retention. When employees feel positive about their employer, they are more likely to be more invested in the

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How to On-board an Employee

Setting up new employees for success is a vital human resource task. Ensuring that your new staff member has all of the possible tools to do well allows for an easier transition and more productivity. Onboarding staff appropriately can also save money, as constantly replacing staff costs time and money. Set up get to meetings with key colleagues. Relationships are an important component of work life. As a manager or supervisor, you can assist your

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Why Employees Quit

The employment climate has changed over the last 30 years. People no longer stay at one job from the time they enter the workforce to retirement. Moving from company to company to get the best pay and employment experience is quite common. Now more than ever, job satisfaction is something that individuals value. Managers and supervisors are an important part of employee retention. If employees do not feel valued by their boss, they are more

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How to Motivate Employees

Employees are the most valuable asset organizations have. People make the work happen, regardless of the type of business. Having highly motivated employees can make teams go from good to great; ensuring high productive productivity and commitment to the organization’s mission. It can feel overwhelming to consider how to keep employees motivated but building certain actions and routines into your management plan can help keep your team members interested and excited to work for and

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Back to School Tips

Getting the little ones prepared and back to school can be incredibly stressful. We have compiled 5 brilliantly easy tips to follow to relieve the stress and put the fun back into what would otherwise be a chore! 1)      Have a clear out. Use this time to get rid of as much old stuff as possible. All those clothes that don’t fit, the toys that are broken or sit unused. Throw it out or donate

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Discussing Difficult Topics with Employees

Discussing difficult topics with employees Having difficult conversations with employees can be one of the most challenging tasks a manager has to complete. Whether it is providing constructive feedback, addressing team conflict, or providing some unwelcome news, how the information is discussed may have a great impact on the next steps moving forward. There are some best practices for handling discussing difficult topics that allow for the best possible outcome. Be prompt. When it comes

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How to Search for A Daycare Provider

Searching for a daycare provider for your children can be stressful and overwhelming. It’s hard to imagine someone else caring for your kids, especially if you have to return to work while your baby is still an infant. There are some excellent daycare options out there, and with a little time and research, you will find a caregiver that fits your family’s needs. Here are some tips to help you find the right fit. Figure

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How to Recognize Leadership Styles

What is your Leadership Style_

  Leadership is a quality that we look for when hiring and assessing employees. Many of us have an archetype for what a “leader” looks like, often based on our own leadership style. In reality, there are multiple leadership styles and that are all useful, even essential for a team. There are several assessment tools out there that identify different leadership styles. Many of these tools are helpful in providing an interesting perspective. Here will

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5 Ways to Get to Know your Team

5 Ways to get to know your team

A successful team has diverse team members that know each other well. Colleagues that work well together know each other’s strengths, weakness, and how to complement each other to work efficiently. Identifying strengths and weakness, how to support and challenge, and how to motivate members of your team takes time and effort but can pay off big in productivity and retention. Here are some ways to learn more about members of your team as individuals

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Top 10 Coffee Add-on

Top 10 Coffee Add-ons

  My life runs on coffee. My morning cup of coffee often sets the tone for the day.  If I get to relax and enjoy a cup without interruption, my day seems to run much smoother.  If I have my coffee in a travel mug or cold because the whole house woke up with me, my day tends to be nuts.   The good news about both of those days is my coffee is by my

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