How to Recognize Leadership Styles

What is your Leadership Style_

  Leadership is a quality that we look for when hiring and assessing employees. Many of us have an archetype for what a “leader” looks like, often based on our own leadership style. In reality, there are multiple leadership styles and that are all useful, even essential for a team. There are several assessment tools out there that identify different leadership styles. Many of these tools are helpful in providing an interesting perspective. Here will

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5 Ways to Get to Know your Team

5 Ways to get to know your team

A successful team has diverse team members that know each other well. Colleagues that work well together know each other’s strengths, weakness, and how to complement each other to work efficiently. Identifying strengths and weakness, how to support and challenge, and how to motivate members of your team takes time and effort but can pay off big in productivity and retention. Here are some ways to learn more about members of your team as individuals

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Top 10 Coffee Add-on

Top 10 Coffee Add-ons

  My life runs on coffee. My morning cup of coffee often sets the tone for the day.  If I get to relax and enjoy a cup without interruption, my day seems to run much smoother.  If I have my coffee in a travel mug or cold because the whole house woke up with me, my day tends to be nuts.   The good news about both of those days is my coffee is by my

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5 Ways to Make your Week Run Smoother

Why do most of us dread Mondays? Most of us dread Monday because we have way too many tasks that we need to accomplish in a short amount of time at work and home. As our list gets longer doing the routine things like picking out clothes or cooking dinner becomes a “chore” instead of relaxing. Your life does not have to stay that way. Try these creative tips and discover the art of planning.

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Six Ways to Build a Strong and Productive Team

Work is more than just meeting monthly quotas, improving skills, and earning salaries. It is also about meeting new friends, discovering a new goal, and having a sense of fulfillment. These often lead to better performance and a working environment where ideas thrive. A thriving environment is only possible when all the members of the team are empowered to do their task and motivated by their leaders. Nurturing your team has so many benefits and

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Hannah’s Story

Hannah’s Story At 4 years old, Hannah was asked to donate can foods to Loaves and Fishes in exchange for a uniform holiday at school. While Hannah was excited to wear jeans and a her favorite t-shirt to school, she could not understand why people did not have enough food – especially why kids did not have access to fruit snacks (her favorite). Hannah shared her concerns with her mom, Emily, VP of OnStaff Group,

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Leave Your Mark at a Job Fair Today

Attending a job fair, where different companies aim to hire prospective employees, is part of the quest for a new job these days. These can be overwhelming for the first-timer, but if you are wise enough to follow some good advice, you will survive the rush at a job fair. We offer some tips for those who are visiting job fairs. 1. Come prepared. Bring several copies of your resume or CV, your calling cards,

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5 Brown Bag Healthy Lunch Options

Paper bags and healthy meals – ecology in the service of health Due to the hectic lifestyle and too many obligations we often don’t have the time for a healthy diet at work. Most often we are forced to buy something from the bakery or order the delivery at work. With this type of diet, most of the people get the infamous “heavy feeling” and just want to sleep after the lunch time. Many things

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Get Road Trip Ready

  Summer Road Trip: Seven Tips to Get Your Ready on the Highway   With summer just around the corner, thousands of families are expected once again to hit the road for a weekend getaway, far from the stress and worries of everyday life. Summer road trips can be one of the most exciting experiences families and friends could be part of, especially when planned accordingly.   Part of the planning is getting your vehicle

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Better Mornings, Start Here

Sleep, that blessed part of the day when you close your eyes, curl up in a bed that feels like a piece of cloud and float into a dream. To those that dream sleep feels like an eternity but something screeches at 5 o’clock hammering your ears like a jackknife and you are transformed. Ragged, bewildered and in denial you sluggishly get out of bed, part the curtains and watch the sun ascend, sleep behind

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