5 Ways to Make your Week Run Smoother

5 Ways to Make your Week run Smoother

Why do most of us dread Mondays? Most of us dread Monday because we have way too many tasks that we need to accomplish in a short amount of time at work and home. As our list gets longer doing the routine things like picking out clothes or cooking dinner becomes a “chore” instead of relaxing.

Your life does not have to stay that way. Try these creative tips and discover the art of planning. Let Sunday become a planning date and see how more productive and enjoyable your day-to-day life will be.

1. List down a week’s worth of meal.
Since humans don’t like eating the same thing every day, mothers often find themselves in the dilemma of making healthy, delicious, and appetizing foods that do not taste the same. This is more troublesome if you do not have enough time to go to the grocery. So plan ahead of time by researching new and easy recipes. List down all the ingredients you will need so you can buy them all at once in one day. This saves time and energy, making you feel more at ease in your kitchen. (Lunch Meal Options)

2. Prepare meals ahead of time.
Making your own healthy meal for work is the newest trend. And the reason why more and more people are doing it is that it is really fun. As your weeks gone by, you will see how effective this method is for losing weight and saving money. Find your favorite recipes that you can make in bulk. There are lots of healthy meal ideas that can be refrigerated for days and still taste good, including sandwiches, salads, and pasta. You can opt to use a disposable lunch box so you can just throw it after eating. When the morning rush comes, you just open the fridge, get your lunch, and you are good to go.

3. Pre-select your daily outfit.
The number one reason why some women are always late is that they spent too much time mixing and matching outfits. Getting dress is a huge time thief. Decrease your morning stress by choosing your clothes for the coming days. Don’t just choose. Set them aside in one place already so you don’t have to think twice or thrice which of your dress will match your shoes. If you have a fitness class to attend, pack your workout clothes and towels in a bag, too.

4. Create holes on your weekly schedule.
Batching your days is a good way to unleash creativity and rest your mind. You can make your Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays as your days for your after work run or other hobbies. Meanwhile, you can focus more on self-improvement, skill development, and other things that will help you grow in your career during Tuesdays and Thursdays.

5. Be spontaneous at least once a week.
There is nothing more fulfilling than finishing a task and knowing that you have nothing to do the next day. A life that is too structured can be boring. So make room for spontaneity during your free day. Balance your planned week by being free-spirited in a day.

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