Six Ways to Build a Strong and Productive Team

6 ways to a strong & produtive team

Work is more than just meeting monthly quotas, improving skills, and earning salaries. It is also about meeting new friends, discovering a new goal, and having a sense of fulfillment. These often lead to better performance and a working environment where ideas thrive. A thriving environment is only possible when all the members of the team are empowered to do their task and motivated by their leaders.

Nurturing your team has so many benefits and rewards, but it takes money, time, and effort to do that. However, if you really want your company to be successful, investing in your people is a must. The following are 6 effective ways to motivate a team that every leader should do.

  1. Know your staff individually.

By definition, a team is a group of people that are linked together with one purpose. Building a strong and productive team is not easy, especially if the members have different attitudes. What you have to do is to get to know them and their individuality by being an approachable manager or leader. Don’t just sit in a corner, looking too strict and mean. Be personable to each of the members so that they know that they can come to you anytime for their concerns, suggestions, and problems.

  1. Listen, listen, and listen.

Ideas flourish when people are not afraid to say their thoughts and when they know someone will hear them. Encourage all the members of your team to participate when you need a new plan, inviting them to share their inputs. Ask questions, and listen to their answers. Of course, you should have the last say and decision but that’s after you have finished a healthy discussion.

  1. Give them a challenge.

A great leader is someone who picked a potentially talented person and was able to motivate him to hone his skills. That leader often gives his team a challenge to help them grow in their career.  If a person knows everything about the work, there is a bigger chance that he will get bored with it soon. Worse, they will become stagnant. Challenges are opportunities for people to fine tune their talents, learn new ones and develop their attitude.

  1. Praise them for a job well done.

Never forget to give them the credit for accomplishing a difficult task. A little incentive or a free lunch out can mean a lot to your staff. Also, celebrate each achievement even the smallest milestones.

  1. Spread knowledge around.

Training your staff to be capable of doing another kind of work will keep them interested. This is also helpful for you when one member is absent and you have to find someone to fill his post temporarily. Cross training also creates a team spirit as everyone shares his knowledge and skills to the team.

  1. Raise future leaders from within.

In the long run, as your company expands, you need other leaders to help you in managing. Where else should you look but from your loyal and trusted staff? As early as now, empower your people to make decisions, showing them your trust and confidence. Train them to be critical-thinkers. Act as their mentor, teaching them leadership skills. Turn potential employees into great leaders.

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