Family-Friendly Boredom Busters to Get You Through Summer Lulls

Boredom Busters

Summer is officially here, and while it can be exciting, there are often days of the season that boredom quickly sets in. Whether you have kids or you are a couple, or you are flying solo, summer isn’t all sunshine, all the time. Sometimes you might be stuck in the house and need an indoor activity, while other times you might just want something different to do, like around town or at a new venue. Read on for four suggested boredom busters that anyone can enjoy.

Have A Staycation Sensation

“Staycation” has turned into quite a buzzword, but there is a lot of merit to taking advantage of your own location in a way that you have not done before! Check out a newly opened hotel for the night or go to a museum you haven’t visited in a while (or ever). You would be surprised how much there is to see and do when you think like a tourist and not a local. Tourist traps you might avoid may not be as bad as you think they are. 

Look up activities happening in your region; maybe there is a music festival happening at the local park, or a small art fair taking place downtown; what if you are missing out on Groupon summer specials, or a free day for kids at the coffee shop. You’ll never know unless you look into it, so we recommend seeking out some information!

Get Crafty

The word “crafts” may sound a little outdated — but there are so many cool things to create (at any age) that can keep you entertained. Weather permitting, you may even consider setting up and activities table outdoors. Whether you are making a summer wreath or having your kids follow a recipe for slime, don’t underestimate the fun to be had. You don’t necessarily have to be an artsy person to try finger-painting or adult-coloring books. Conversely, if you have kids, they might enjoy a break from physical activity to learn how to build a box out of popsicle sticks. 

We recommend making glitter calm jars, fingerprint art, painted rocks, or something else you might find on a Pinterest inspiration board. It’s 2019 and people are getting craftier than ever, it’s just about finding a craft that sounds fun and being willing to jump in.

Create In The Kitchen

Summer is the perfect time to pull out new (and cooling) recipes. You may want to home-make popsicles or snow cones — you could make graham crackers for s’mores, or even make ice cream. We recommend trying something new and refreshing — whether it’s a salsa with peaches, a salad with berries, or popsicles with fresh fruit, getting creative with recipes (especially if you fancy cooking) can up the ante! We so frequently fall into the same routine of things, including what we eat, why not try to pass the time and spice things up (no pun) with something new.

Go To The Drive-In

If you can find an actual drive-in in 2019 (many still exist — just need to do a Google search), then we recommend you go. If you don’t have a drive-in theater near you, see if there’s a spot near you that hosts a “movie-in-the-park” or has an older theater. While going to a modern-day theater can be fun and suit your needs, going to a historic venue to see a new or old film creates a different ambiance that can be especially nostalgic to summer. Consider bringing along rooter floats or something else you enjoy that you can’t get at the cineplex. Whether you take your kids or have a date night, this is a new way to pass the time and an evening or two.

Summer can be a fantastic time of year full of vacations and memories with family. After a while of living the summer lifestyle, boredom is bound to strike. Reference these boredom busters whenever you need something new to do with your family.

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