How to Stay Motivated at Work

How to Stay Motivated at Work

The workday can, at times, be long and arduous. Sometimes it gets to the last few hours of the day and it can be hard to push forward and get the last bit of work done. Staying motivated is a big issue when it comes to productivity and keeping positive at work (particularly in the summertime) — it can affect the quality of work too, which might not please your managers. 

If keeping dedicated to your work and being as productive as possible are your goals, there are some ways to tackle the lack of motivation at work. These six methods will help nurture your motivation and get you back on the right track! 

1— Set Your Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

Lack of motivation can leave you listlessly wandering from task to task and doing a bad job of all of them. Setting your goals is perfect for getting you rolling, and the best way to do this is digitally. 

There is a number of goal tracking apps you can get on your smartphone or on your PC, but even simple software like an Excel or even notepad document is a way to easily adjust your goals. 

If you have bigger goals, then it may be easier to break them up into structured smaller goals. Longer-term goals can seem daunting and unobtainable, so checking off smaller ones will help keep you on track. Gantt charts are a common way of keeping track of goals and time frames too. 

2 — Take Sensible Breaks 

This seems contrary to what you should be doing when there’s work to do — but if you’re working yourself to death, it’ll just kill your motivation and efficiency. Some people can seemingly work like this, but for most people, a physical break away from the desk to stretch their legs and grab a drink for 15 minutes is the best way to maintain your motivation. It can also serve as a reward for completing smaller tasks. 

3 — Develop a Personal Reward System 

Bribing yourself to do work isn’t always a great way to do work, but small rewards for completing tasks can still be very motivating. Whether this means having a few pieces of candy for doing your work or simply going for a stroll outside — motivating yourself with small treats is a good way to help you reach your goals. 

4 — Remind Yourself Why You’re Working

Few things are more motivating than reflecting on why you’re working in the first place. Whether it’s building a product you can be proud of, improving your skills, or simply earning the money to pay for things your family will love, see that vision in your mind’s eye.

5 — Use that Vacation Time Wisely

Employers offer vacation time for a reason. Similar to taking small breaks at work, taking long vacations are a good way to relax and reset your motivation for when you get back to work. Resting and allowing yourself to think about your work whilst far away from it can help you think of new ideas and set new goals. 

Even arranging events with colleagues and friends can be a great way to wind down and get the rest that’ll allow you to come back to work motivated. A good Fourth of July gathering is a great way to mark an exciting time of the year and celebrate your accomplishments! 

6 — Get Feedback from Colleagues 

Not everybody likes getting feedback from friends and colleagues — if it comes off as unconstructive, it can deflate your mood and motivation too. But if you think you need some constructive feedback to help guide you, politely asking can be a great way to motivate yourself and get yourself rolling in the right direction. 

Additionally, if you’ve been doing good work, having compliments can be a big confidence boost, which in turn pushes you to carry on working. This motivation boost can be invaluable — so you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for professional feedback! Celebrating your wins is good for an ego boost as well as motivation. 

7 — Don’t Overthink 

Sometimes overthinking can be your worst enemy. Overthinking can get you stuck in a loop of the same ideas and extinguish and flames of inspiration and creativity. The best way out of this trap? Set your quiet times and take extended breaks doing other things. 

Quitting after spending a certain amount of time thinking about problems is a good option because it prevents frustration, letting you come back to the work with a better mood. The same applies for taking a break; sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective to help ignite motivation. 

8 — Work with Motivated People

If you have a choice in who you work with on a daily basis, seek people who are interested in the job, want to perform well, and are highly motivated. Surround yourself with hard workers, and the enthusiasm is infectious.

Motivating yourself varies from person to person. Finding what works for you is most important — but these six methods are a great starting point for getting you in the right mindset!

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