Healthy on the go Snack Options

Healthy on the go Snack Options

In the modern world, we spend approximately 8 hours a day at work. Sometimes the quest for healthy snack options can be difficult.  It is easy to be lured by the colleague to join them in fast food delivery, get something from a vending machine or just skip a snack or meal.

According to recent studies, our system needs food every 3 to 4 hours in order to work properly and maintain the energy while we are working. In order to eat that often, we suggest prepping food in advance.  Prepping food in advance will not only save you money on daily basis, but you will be fueling yourself with quality and healthy food.
Let’s take a look at some kinds of snacks you can prepare the day before, and take them with you to the office. This kind of food will satisfy your sugar cravings, make you feel better, both physically and mentally!

Raw Vegetables: a rich nutritious choice
It is always good to avoid ready salads with extra sauces which contain hundreds of extra calories and fats. Always prefer to bring your own vegetables such as lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, celery, etc. It’s very important to consume them raw. A great idea to preserve the freshness of vegetables is to bring them in a glass jar. You can make a few holes in the lid and your salad will stay in perfect condition. Also, you can make your own dressing and bring it in a small container. A simple yogurt can serve as protein rich salad dressing. Herbs and spices of your choice will make the dressing taste like it was prepared by a professional chef.
Almonds: The ultimate nuts
When you need something crunchy instead of reaching for chips, have a small package of nutritious almonds. They  have a crisp texture and they are rich in good fats. Almonds are very good for the heart health and have a high content of calcium, magnesium, potassium, protein and fiber. Of course, keep in mind that almonds are high in calories. About 20 almonds contain 170 calories.
An apple, a banana, a pear or any other fruit can easily be taken to work. A fruit is one of the simplest, and perhaps, the healthiest solutions for the office snacks. Especially if you like different fruits. Opt for the seasonal fruits, and you will receive many vitamins and fibers. Furthermore, it will give you the feeling of eating a dessert. Average calories per fruit are about 70, so you can combine it with one glass of milk or yogurt which will give you 90 calories. By opting for this healthy snack, you will obtain proteins, calcium and vitamin D.
Hummus is a salad with creamy texture common in the Middle East. It is made from mashed chickpeas, Tahini paste and olive oil with different spices. Hummus is an excellent source of fiber. Because of the fiber content, it helps regulate cholesterol levels. Only 3 tbsp of hummus contain about 80-100 calories, depending on the added ingredients. Try to make your version with chickpeas, Tahini, lemon juice, garlic, olive oil, parsley, and pepper. Combine it with 1 slice of whole grain bread. You can easily pack hummus in a glass jar and bring it to work. Homemade hummus can stay fresh for several days in the refrigerator.
Protein Bar or Shakes
There are hundreds of protein bars and shakes on the market.  Finding the one that is both healthy and test good can be a challenge.  When selecting your go-to snack, look at the ingredients. Look for natural ingredients, high protein, and low carbohydrates.
These are some of the quick and easy ideas which can be combined. Of course, if your office is equipped with the refrigerator and microwave, you can prepare your meals at home and bring them in glass containers. It’s not advisable to keep food in plastic containers. You can even bring soups or stews in glass containers or good old mason jars. Always remember, nothing can be healthier than the food prepared with passion and devotion.

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