How to Deal with an Angry Customer

How to deal with an angry customer

It is a business fact: from time to time an angry, irate customer will come through the door to vent and complain. Whatever the reason the goal is always to keep calm, listen and give the best possible resolution. It will not be an easy fix but you still have to make sure that you will be delivering the best possible customer service. What you do in the next moments with an irate customer at your hands will spell the difference between a customer who will never come again to a customer whose experience was changed from a negative one to a positive one. So if this ever happens, relax, choose your words carefully and do the following:

Keep Calm

Even if the customer is already yelling at you keep a cool façade. It’s not you, it’s the product or the process they are angry at. Understand their frustration. Don’t be affected by their emotions or their anger you will need to remain cool in the next steps ahead.

Actively Listen

An angry person needs someone to listen to them. They need someone to hear out their reasons. Since you are the employee you are the one who would hear them out. Examine the root of the problem based on what the customer is saying. Use verbal cues to signify that you are listening. Non-verbal cues can also help such as standing up straight and having a relaxed open posture. This signifies that you are actively engaged in the dialogue and you are ready to help them with their complaint.


After the customer has vented politely and sincerely empathize with them. Paraphrase what they have said to show that you have listened. Show that you are concerned and you know what it feels like to be in their shoes.

Apologize on Behalf of the Company

Sometimes angry customers just want someone to say sorry to them for being given a bad product or service. Along with the other steps, an apology can help cool down an otherwise volatile situation. Say something positive like, “We apologize that you were made to wait for so long but I will make sure that I will resolve your concern quickly.”

Get a Supervisor (if needed)

If the customer asks for a supervisor give them their wish. This shows that everyone in the company is actively concerned with their problem and is willing to help. However, it is best to resolve customer complaints without a supervisor. It shows that you can manage an irate customer on your own because you are adept with the necessary skills and training.

Resolve the Situation

After you have identified the reason for the customer complaint it is now best to have an honest dialogue with them. If your company has something to offer to them that will directly solve their problem offer them the solution. If not honestly explain to them why you cannot give them the resolution they want. Offer alternatives if available.

Breathe in and Relax

Dealing with an angry customer is no easy task and you may get a bit emotionally involved whether you like it or not. Take a breather after every resolved issue. Take the time to see the positive points in the experience and how you can adapt it the next time a similar situation arises. Clear your mind as you prepare yourself to handle the next customer.

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