Start Listening: 5 Podcasts to Get You Started

Top 5 Podcast for 2019Start Listening: 5 Podcasts to Get You Started

Because of an increase in downloaded media, podcasts have made a big emergence into our modern lives. While music and television shows are great means of entertainment and certainly wonderful outlets for entertainment and creativity, podcasts can serve not only as a form of entertainment but be educational and informative as well. It may seem easier or more appealing to just turn on your music or put on a Netflix show as you unwind at the end of the day, but podcasts are just as easy to access and listen to on your commute, while you fold laundry or as you cook dinner. Another bonus – they’re almost always free! If you’re intrigued and want to start listening to podcasts (or if you have been listening for a while but are in search of a new one), we have concocted the following list of five podcasts to consider listening to (and a few reasons why!)

The Moth: The Moth is a great podcast not just because of its interesting and varied content, but because it doesn’t require a stream of consciousness to tune in. That is to say, the podcast is comprised of one-off short stories told by its contributors that allow listeners to tune in for 10 to 30-minute increments at a time. No plot or theme required to follow! The Moth presents true stories on storytellers’ life experiences, work fiascos, and worldviews. With episodes released weekly, the stories in this podcast come from The Moth’s main stage events and community programs, with people from around the country telling their stories.

The Adam Carolla Show: According to Wikipedia, the Adam Caroled Show became the Guinness World Records holder for the most downloaded podcast in May 2011 and it continues to be one of the most downloaded among podcast listeners today. Join host Adam Carolla (and his varying guests) on his daily podcast as he discusses his views, thoughts, and opinions on everything from politics to pizza. He interviews celebrities, comments on current events and offers comedic takes on his views. While this podcast may not be everyone’s taste (Adam hosts a completely uncensored show), it is easy listening and not too serious. Plus, if you like what you hear, there are archives from years of his podcast that can be accessed so you won’t soon run out of material! This is a good one if you need a laugh or want to feel like you are among friends.

Stuff You Should Know: This award-winning podcast is one of the most popular podcasts in the world, educating listeners on everything from science and history to urban legends and pop culture. You can learn about Spam, hangovers, Barbie and more in their previously published episodes. Consistently ranked in iTunes’ Top 10, Stuff You Should Know covers topics about all sorts of interesting, important, weird, outlandish, random and even mundane things. This is a very informative and fascinating listen that is usually family-friendly and can provide you with some insightful information while you relax, drive or get around in the morning.

Pardon My Take: While sports television and live streams of our favorite games are of course a good way to take in our favorite games if you’re a sports fan, this podcast might be a good fit for you because it explores sports-takes in a comedic way. On the show, they recap current sports news, interview athletes or sports personalities and conclude with a popular segment from their list of regular sections. It comes out three times a week, so there are plenty of back-episodes to binge if you end up loving it, too. Tune in for everything from college sports and the NBA to the Westminster Dog Show and guest segments about the SuperBowl. If you have a passion or sports and like to laugh, this could be worth a listen as you unwind from work on your way home.

Wow in the World: Podcasts exist not just for grown-ups, but for our kids, too! Want to listen with your children, maybe while you drive them to school or soccer practice? Wow in the World is an NPR podcast that is great for parents and curious children to listen to together, as hosts Mindy and Guy take you through various aspects of our world as we know it and explore everything from the human brain to outer space. Think volcanos, bees, math, and two-headed space worms. It’s fun, fascinating and insightful and can be a good way for parents to break up screen time and lace in some educational tidbits.

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